Photoshop: Create Patterns Quickly Using Duplication & Transformation #computertraining #YQR #YXE #Sask

Learn to use Photoshop’s duplication and transformation tools to create patterns, designs and textures. This easy-to-follow tutorial shares some great skills that you can use daily in Adobe Photoshop.

If you are interested in online Photoshop training or courses then check out the courses I have on offer . I teach courses across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montréal & Toronto. Just get in touch for more information or a quote.

Enjoy the video.

The week ahead involves a starter of Microsoft Word training near Regina followed by main dish of Photoshop #YQR #Training #prairies #roadtrip

I will be working on site with a client near Regina at the beginning of this week teaching the Introduction to Microsoft Word Course . I will then be delivering my regular weekly Photoshop lecture to students at the University of Regina for the course Digital Studio Tools. I’m excited to be teaching outside of the city for a change as I don’t often venture into the beautiful prairies.

I’m also finishing up a couple of InDesign & Final Cut Pro X jobs in-between these classes this week. I love these weeks that have an exciting mix of teaching and production. Its always a thrill to see how people in the workplace are using the digital tools that I often take for granted. There is always something new to learn or a question or two that you’ve never had before.

If you are interested in organising training for your organisation or company then get in touch. I can teach one-to-one or for larger groups. You can check out the courses I have on offer here & just get in touch if you have any questions.

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“I literally filled a 1TB hard drive with Final Cut Pro X Files” – learn how to clean up your Final Cut Pro X files on Mac OS X.

If you’ve ever run out of space during an edit this is for you. Freeing up disk space is something we need to do with care so that we don’t delete important files.

Here you will learn a couple of methods of clearing out some of the files that Final Cut Pro X creates as you are working on projects. This will enable you to archive project libraries so they take up less space & clear files that are not essential so that you can make enough space to finish up current projects.

Whether you are a student or professional editor this handy tip will help you to keep your Mac clear of unnecessary files so that you can keep on editing.

Its all about that space, about that space! No trouble!

Final Cut Pro X: Create a Continuous Looping Graphic Video #YQR #YXE #FinalCutProX #Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn some great tips for the creation of a continuous looping graphic video. In the example we use circles to create a hypnotic effect but the same technique can be applied to other shapes that are available in Final Cut Pro X.

You will learn how to use keyframes to animate, how to group and nest your timelines, how to modify the color of graphic elements as well as some great shortcuts.


Adobe Illustrator: Creating Graphs in Adobe Illustrator using Excel Data #tutorial #adobeillustrator #YQR

Need to know how to make, edit and scale data in Adobe Illustrator from Microsoft Excel data. This step-by-step tutorial on creating graphs runs through everything you need to know to get started with this feature.

Digital Studio #1 – Introduces Photoshop & Makes a Meme

If anyone is curious about online learning platforms then I have been creating courses for the web-site Skillshare for a little while now.

If you want to check it out without spending $$$ then this free link is for my new Introduction to Photoshop course that guides you through how to make a lovely looking meme (whilst at the same time picking up some skills too!)

Free link >>>


Final Cut Pro X: Split Screen Fundamentals Using Scale, Crop & Layers

You will learn how to create a split screen using a number of different techniques. Both by scaling up, scaling down, cropping and layering video this tutorial will give you the tools to create a seamless split screen in your edit. You will also look at the paste attributes function that allows you to copy and paste properties changed in one clip on the timeline to another. Enjoy!

Photoshop: Cutting Out, Create Graphics & Learn Layers by making a Meme #meme #tutorial #YQR

This fun tutorial runs through how to cut out an image, create graphics, manipulate colour as well as an introduction to type and layer effects. Inspired by the theme of the meme you will learn some cool Photoshop skills whilst having some fun at the same time. If you have any questions then just drop me a message here or why not follow me on Twitter @benhalsall .

Ramasser une copie de @barbuzzonline cette semaine pour info sur Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau 2015 #NBOG15

Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau est un événement artistique annuel qui débute au crépuscule et se termine à l’aube. Le temps d’une nuit, l’événement réunit l’art multidisciplinaire et la culture des commerces et des galeries de la région de capitale nationale du Canada et met en valeur le succès de l’industrie artistique et de la culture locale sous toutes ses formes.


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