If you are new to Adobe InDesign then this instructor led two day course is for you. With hands-on lessons you will quickly be up and running and ready to create designs for print and the web. So whether you need to create your own designs from scratch or work with templates designed by other graphic designers this class has it all.

Adobe InDesign: Essentials introduces the key concepts and skills you will need. You will learn to create documents, work effectively with type, design your own layouts, place images and prepare your designs for outputting for print, make PDFs as well as how to output your designs for the web and social media.

So whether you are designing annual reports, flyers, newsletters or need to create designs for your online social media presence on Facebook or Twitter then check out the course outline below.

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Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Interface

Lesson 2 – Creating a new project

Lesson 3 – Introduction to working with Graphic, Text & Image objects

Lesson 4 – Formatting Paragraphs & Type

Lesson 5 – Placing Images & Wrapping Text

Lesson 6 – Working with Columns and Multiple Text Frames

Lesson 7 – Paragraph & Character Styles

Lesson 8 – Creating Lists

Lesson 9 – Working with Tables

Lesson 10 – Making Selections, Copying and Pasting Objects

Lesson 11 – Resizing and Rotating Objects

Lesson 12 – Creating Custom Designs

Lesson 13 – Combining, Manipulating & Editing Shapes

Lesson 14 – Groups & Layers

Lesson 15 – Working with Type in Your Designs

Lesson 16 – Creating Clean Layouts and Designs by Using Rulers & Guides

Lesson 17 – Advanced Colour & Gradient Fills

Lesson 18 – Placing Photographic Images Inside Designs

Lesson 19 – Print Essentials – Creating & Preparing Designs for Print Output

Lesson 20 – Preparing and Outputting Images for the Web & Social Media

Lesson 21 – Working with and Creating PDFs

Lesson 22 – Backing Up & Saving Your Projects

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