Event & Corporate Videography & Video Editing – Rates

Capturing video of your events is a great way to promote your message beyond the event itself. I am an experienced videographer, video editor and designer and can help you bring to life the message you are communicating to your clients.

Working with professional HD Video, Sound & Lighting I will capture your event so that you can share quality video on your web-site and social media outlets. You can view a list of the equipment I can bring to your event below.


Videography for Events, Training & Corporate Seminars

I can capture your event whether it be a talk, networking event, training seminar or other corporate function.


Video Editing

Whether you have hired me to film your event or have footage that you need to be edited I work with the latest professional editing softwares including Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and I produce my motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.

Whether you are in my base of Regina or want to remotely share footage with me I can get craft your footage into a professionally edited video.


Video Production Training: One-to-One

If you would like to learn how to produce your own video, which is a great idea if you want to provide regular content for your clients to view, then I can offer training for both production and editing. Video is more accessible than ever and I can help you our either in regular one or two hour coaching sessions or with a more complete course that covers the A-to-Z of video production, lighting, sound, editing and uploading your content.


Video Production Training: Group Training & Workshops**

Groups of 2-3

Groups of 4-5

Groups of 6-10

**The costs above are for my time only and do not include travel (outside of Regina), rental of a venue or equipment rental costs. I am more than happy to discuss these with you along with your training requirements.