Google Drive, Google Docs & Google Sheets – Training & Consultancy

If you are interested in developing online collaboration for your business documents, spreadsheets, files & calendars then contact me to organise a presentation, consultation or training session.

Google’s online applications lead the way in online collaboration and can provide a cost-effective way to work with clients and employees remotely.

Currently each of my Google courses is bespoke and can be catered to your needs either in one or two day sessions.

Sample Course Outline

Lesson 1 – An Overview of the Cloud & the Google Platform 

Lesson 2 – Setting Up a Google Drive Account 

Lesson 3 – Uploading Files to Google Drive 

Lesson 4 – Introduction to Google Docs
Creating a Document, Editing a Document, Sharing a Document.

Lesson 5 – Introduction to Google Sheets 
Setting up a Spreadsheet, Functions/Formulas, Formatting Your Sheets.

Lesson 6 – Creating an online Form for Google Sheets 

Lesson 7 – Managing your Google Account 

Lesson 8 – Advanced Collaboration & Sharing 

Lesson 9 – Working Offline 

Lesson 10 – Exporting PDFs & Microsoft Office Formats 

Lesson 11 – Working On Smart Phones & Tablets 

Lesson 12 – Other Apps – Calendars, Presentations & Drawings