Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Pro

This course will get you up and running with Adobe Acrobat Pro in no time at all. Learn how to create PDFs from scans, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Presentations as well as Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator if required. You will learn how to edit text, create forms and collate form data into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Course Outline

Creating PDFs
– Overview of working with PDFs and PDF forms

Creating PDFs
– Creating PDFs from Microsoft Word & Excel
– Creating PDFs from scans
– Creating a PDF from multiple documents
– Opening and modifying PDFs

Working in Adobe Acrobat Pro
– Introduction to the Interface
– Toolbars
– Panels
– Navigating a document

Editing PDFs
– Editing & Adding Text
– Editing Images

Editing Pages
– Editing Page Order
– Creating Headers & Footers
– Editing Images & Graphics

Creating Forms
– Introduction to Creating Fillable Forms from scratch
– Creating Fillable Forms from Office Documents
– Creating Selection Boxes & Drop-Down Lists

Advanced Forms
– Sending Form By E-Mail
– Setting up TAB order in forms
– Creating Signature Fields

Collecting Form Data
– Getting your forms Ready to Collect Data
– Extracting form Data into an Excel Spreadsheet
– Distributing and Collating Form Data

– Introduction to creating Accessible Documents


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