Introduction to Microsoft Excel – 1 Day

Managing your spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel will be a breeze after you have taken this introductory course.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel will cover the essential skills needed to store, organise and analyse your data in this hands-on course. Along with practical tips on backing up and working collaboratively on your spreadsheets you will understand how to use functions and other automation features that will save you time.

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Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Interface

Lesson 2 – Creating a Blank Workbook

Lesson 3 – Overview of The Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar

Lesson 4 – Getting Around Your Workbook

Lesson 5 – Entering Data Into Your Workbook

Lesson 6 – Moving & Importing Data

Lesson 7 – Using AutoFill and Custom Lists

Lesson 8 – Introduction to Formulas

Lesson 9 – AutoSum

Lesson 10 – Creating Custom Formulas

Lesson 11 – Designing Your Workbooks Appearance

Lesson 12 – Introduction to Charts

Lesson 13 – Printing & Export Options (PDF/Web-Page/E-Mail)

Lesson 14 – Saving & Backing Up Best Practices

Location, location, location.

This course can be delivered in-house, online or a venue can be arranged that works for your business.

I am primarily based in Regina, Saskatchewan but am able to deliver courses anywhere across Canada.

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