Video Production Workshop – Cameras, Lighting & Sound

In this one or two day workshop you will learn the essential skills needed to plan your video, set up professional lighting, record awesome sound and how to setup the shots that will make editing a breeze.

Whether you are producing videos for internal communications or planning an online presence on YouTube or Facebook, this course will cover the key skills that will help develop awesome looking projects.

If you haven’t invested in any equipment yet then don’t worry. During the course you will get advice about the best equipment to buy as you get started.

You will cover

  • Planning, scripting & storyboarding
  • Introduction to cameras
  • Introduction to lighting
  • Introduction to sound
  • Setting up and filming a short video (including lighting, camera-work & sound tips)

In the two day workshop you will get time to explore in more depth the techniques covered by producing a larger scale production.

Where can this course be taught?

This course can be taught in-house at your location or a suitable venue can be arranged. I am based in Regina but can teach this course in Saskatchewan, Manitoboa, Alberta, Ontario or further afield.

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